The Drunken Smithy is dedicated to the proposition that not all swords are created equal. The gods have deemed it our manifest destiny to create beautiful, functional, kickass: SWORDS. Who are we to argue? We have a right, No a responsibility to keep and arm bears! We at Drunken Smithy feel that our hard ass steel should be wielded by beautiful men and women of sound mind and hard ass bodies. You need our Steel and your swords deserve to be hammered just like the founding fathers of the Drunken Smithy!

Greg Ramsey
Makes swords, drinks beer, dances with wolves.

Greg is a Graduate of Radford University’s BFA in Theatre performance program. After training as a Shakespearean actor in the Bard’s native country, Greg returned state-side and furthered his career performing, writing, directing, and choreographing for theaters and festivals across the country. After a 9 year hiatus, Greg returns for his 17th wonderful season at Mount Hope. Starting as a member of the acting company in 1989, Greg rose through the ranks even as he pursued an Equity acting career across the country. Greg is a Certified Canadian Fight Director, has certified as a Teacher of Stage Combat through the Society of American Fight Directors and an alumni of The United Stuntman’s Association, Stunt School. Greg holds the rank of third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Kendo. Greg has staged over 500 fights ranging from: the bloody battles of Arizona Shakespeare’s "Macbeth", to the mass melees of the PA Renaissance Faire’s Human Chess Match, to the tragic duel ending Theatre of the Seventh Sisters "Hamlet". Greg’s recent interests include sword cutlery, and blacksmithing. 

Burt Jones
Bends the elements to his will to make mad, beautiful creations. 

Burt made his first knifes and swords when he was but a young lad. After his first taste of the steel he was hooked, and soon took to learning welding and other forms of metal working. Burt Graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemistry. Recently he has been giving blacksmithing demos at the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Renaissance fairs.

He is a builder and fixer, but mostly mad scientist. He likes to make beautiful, powerful things. Slightly obsessed and always ready for a the next crazy project we are never sure if he is drunk or just crazy.