Skull Head Spike

Something wicked this way comes! A skull is hand carved into each of these steel spikes for those inclined towards dark magic.

Please note that these items are made with sharp, pointed tips so that they can be used as throwing spikes as demonstrated in our popular TikTok. Due to the potential dangers that may result from the sharpness of this spike, please do not purchase this product as a toy for anyone under the age of 18. Instead please refer to any of the other magic wands available on our website as they are made with blunt tips that are safer for imaginative spellcasting and wand waving.

These throwing spikes are not permitted to be thrown at our axe throwing lanes.

The product you receive will be similar to the picture, but each is handmade, so there may be small differences. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production and delivery.


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