Pick a Project Workshop

Total Class Fee: $100-$300
$50 deposit + $50-$250 due the day of class

COVID-19:  If you are feeling sick or have tested positive, please contact us to reschedule. 

Pick a Project Workshops in January, February, & March are SOLD OUT

Tickets available: April 15, 22, 29



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Event Details

Day 1: January 22, 2022

Day 2: January 28, 2022

Day 3: January 29, 2022

Day 4: February 05, 2022

Day 5: February 10, 2022

Day 6: February 11, 2022

Day 7: February 12, 2022

Day 8: February 19, 2022

Day 9: February 20, 2022

Day 10: February 25, 2022

Day 11: February 26, 2022

Day 12: March 05, 2022

Day 13: March 12, 2022

Day 14: March 18, 2022

Day 15: March 26, 2022

Day 16: April 02, 2022

Day 17: April 09, 2022

Day 18: April 15, 2022

Day 19: April 16, 2022

Day 20: April 22, 2022

Day 21: April 23, 2022

Day 22: April 29, 2022

Venue: Drunken Smithy

Directions: 61 West Front Street, Suite C Palmyra, PA 17078

Phone: 717-557-2723

Email: drunkensmithyhelpdesk@gmail.com




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More Information

Reserve a ticket for this workshop: $50 Non-Refundable Deposit, $50 -$250 due day of class.

All classes are held at:
The Drunken Smithy
61 West Front Street, Suite C
Palmyra, PA 17078

Our Pick a Project Workshop offers all the projects from Forge a Knife and Axe Forging, plus more!  Participants will leave with a finished, heat-treated, sharpened masterpiece.  Each workshop is a one-time, intensive, four-hour course.  All tools, raw materials, gloves, safety glasses, and ear plugs will be provided. All experience levels welcome–instructors will help as much or as little as you’d like.  Participants must wear long pants, closed-toe shoes or boots, and have long hair tied back.  All workshops include a meal (sausages roasted over the forges, fruit, snacks, soda) and time at the end to throw axes at the Drunken Smithy throwing lane.


  • Horseshoe Heart + simple jewelry – $100
  • Railroad Spike Wand – $100
  • Railroad Spike Knife – $150
  • Single Bit All Steel Axe – $150
  • Double Bit All Steel Axe – $200
  • Big Knife – $200
  • Big Ass Knife – $250
  • Rasp Knife – $250
  • 24 oz single bit wooden handle Viking axe – $250
  • Damascus Knife – $300+ (depends on starting size of Damascus billet)
  • 32 oz single bit wooden handle Viking axe – $300

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of reserving your spot and the remaining balance, based on what you want to forge, is to be paid the day of the workshop (paid onsite).

NEW WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: We are offering a Forever Flowers workshop on January 22, February 11, February 19, March 26, and April 23, at the same time as some of our Pick a Project workshops.  If you are registering for a Pick a Project forging workshop and know someone who would like to come along, watch forging, create a unique metal flower, and have an amazing time, check out Forever Flowers: https://www.drunkensmithy.com/product/forever-flowers/


Age 16-18: Children ages 16-18 can take the workshop without an adult participant.  A parent/guardian must remain onsite during the workshop–no drop-offs–and can watch from the viewing area.  If the parent/guardian wants to work at the anvil with their child but does not want to make their own project, there is a $50 participation fee ($50 non-refundable deposit for the ticket online + $50 participation fee when you arrive onsite = $100 total).  

Age 11-15: Children ages 11-15 must be accompanied at the workshop by an adult participant (parent/guardian who works with the child at the anvil).  Both the child and the adult must reserve a ticket on our website, and each can make their own project.  If the adult does not want to make their own project, there is a $50 participation fee ($50 non-refundable deposit for the ticket online + $50 participation fee when you arrive onsite = $100 total).

Age 10 & younger: Children 10 and younger are not permitted to participate in our public weekend workshops, but we’d be happy to schedule a private session for you.  Please email us at forge@drunkensmithy.com to schedule.   

Have a gift certificate?  Add the ticket(s) to your cart, then type the Voucher Code from the bottom left corner of your gift certificate in the box that says “Apply Coupon”.  Proceed to Checkout and your tickets will be emailed to you.  If you have a balance remaining on your gift certificate, you can use it in person to pay the rest of your workshop fee.

For further information contact forge@drunkensmithy.com